I live in Westport, CT, about an hour outside of New York city. I am a Senior in high school at Staples High School. My studies are focused on Computer Science so a sampling of Senior classes is, Calculus honors, AP Computer Science A, Applied Algorithmic Design and Advanced Statistics and Social Science. In my free time I enjoy programming, arguing about ethics and programming with friends, building stuff in my basement and refurbishing old electronics. I additionally enjoy teaching programming and electronics skills to children and teens at a local library. If you would like to know more about me, contact me at jtbosshku@gmail.com or view my resume or check out my Facebook Page.



robot-a wpi2
WPI robotics summer course Robot competition
wpi3 wpi3
Vex robot created as a team at WPI, summer 2018 Me at the maker faire showcasing my website and two robots.
wpi3 wpi3
Science olympiad robot, controlled by an Arduino with code I wrote Setting up my wheeled vehicle for the "scrambler" event
wpi3 wpi3
Westport maker faire, displaying my robotic snake My 3D printed quadruped robot, controlled by an Arduino


Other than programming, I also enjoy writing. I hope you can enjoy my reading my writing as much as I enjoyed writing it:


Analysis of the underlying themes of two pieces. A short play I wrote junior year.